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Our Father

The prayer that Jesus teaches his disciples, begins with the words ‘Our Father’.  The Lord’s Prayer is the most universally prayed prayer, uniting Christians from every place and language.  Naming God ‘Our Father’ is an extraordinary statement whose significance sits at the heart of understanding of God and our relationships with each other.   

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Attention and Distraction

Jesus talks to Martha about being ‘worried and distracted by many things’.

It could be a description for our modern condition – as social commentator Linda Stone identified in her description of the busy and ‘always on’ culture in which we will. A syndrome named ‘continuous partial attention. ‘ Being attentive to Jesus and being attentive to one another , is a challenge central in our teaching today.

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God's Compassion

The parable of the Good Samaritan is not only a story about the Gospel imperative to see all those who are the victims of cruelty and violence as our neighbour – deserving of our care and healing. It is also a story the speaks powerfully of God’s ways with us. Deep, compassionate love and care, which opens the future to being a place of hope and possibility for us all.  

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Looking forward - and not looking back

What does the call to follow Jesus mean? It sounds like a really tough thing – but could this be Good News? Could his call on our lives be the very thing that enables us to set all those other important things, in a new and positive perspective?

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