About Clevedon Presbyterian Church

People who join in our church’s life, worship and mission, come from a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences.   The church is committed to being a place ‘anyone can belong to’.


The presence of the Presbyterian Church in the Clevedon area dates back to the 1850’s with the arrival of Scottish settlers and the ministry of the Rev Thomas Norrie.

Over the years the church established schools and libraries in the area and was supported by the predominantly farming communities that spread through the area south east of Auckland.

The main tribal group around Clevedon during the colonial period has been Ngai Tai. While there are records of some early conflict, the overwhelming stories are of Maori support and hospitality toward the early pakeha settlers along with significant trade and commerce between the groups.

More recently many farms have been subdivided into smaller blocks for farming lifestyle blocks, some of which support News Zealand’s Polo and equine industries.

Presbyterian Church’s ministry is led by our current minister Martin Baker.  Under Martin’s leadership the church has focused in being a place of welcome and hospitality where the Gospel-inspired commitment to expressing God’s love and Christ’s service has been central qualities of its mission and ministry.

The Church at Clevedon runs two early Childhood Centres as well as supporting significant community-focused ministries supporting children, young people, families, adults and older people.

At Kawakawa Bay and Orere Point the church’s community work and ministry is based from ‘The Cottage’ at Kawakawa Bay.

The church takes seriously its commitment to be a place where anyone can belong, and welcomes people from a diversity of backgrounds, faith journeys and lifestyles. While Biblical teaching,  Christian discipleship and a passion to follow the way of Jesus, are core to its ministry, the church welcomes people with a diversity of views about Christian faith and doctrine.

The church at Clevedon

While Clevedon Presbyterian formally incorporates the churches at Clevedon and Kawakawa Bay, the church communities at each place have distinctive cultures and histories.

For both churches, hospitality and welcome are values that are seen as central to the Christian story.

The people who make up our church come from many backgrounds. Some have been coming to church all their lives and have family histories in this area which go back for generations.

For others, coming here is the first time they have ever come into a church building. Things are unfamiliar and they find themselves on a journey exploring the Christian faith and what Jesus’s message might mean for them.

From our diverse individual backgrounds we find a unity in celebrating God’s love for us and the world and an openness to how God’s Spirit may be moving within and among us.

We’d love you to join us in our life, worship and journey together

Governance and leadership

As a Presbyterian church our key governance, strategy and leadership functions sits with the Parish Council, which is made up of elders and members elected by the congregation.

Major decisions like the call to a new minister or approval of the annual budget are made at meetings of the congregation.

Ordained ministers have accountability to a regional body of the Presbyterian Church called a Presbytery.

The bi annual General Assembly makes the rules which govern the national operational and doctrinal functions of the Presbyterian Church. The rules of the Church are contained in the Book of Order

Outside of the ministers, the key contact for raising any concerns about matters relating to the life of the church is through the ‘Parish Clerk’ who is a senior elder on the Parish Council.  Cameron Smith fulfils this role and can be contacted on 027 466 8959 or cameron@clevedonpresy.co.nz

Future development plans

The church has an interest in 70 acres of land that was purchased by the church and a group of investors in 2008 on the western edge of Clevedon village on the Papakura-Clevedon Road.

Part of this land will be subdivided for housing with the proceeds used, over the next 5 to 10 years, to develop church, community and educational facilities.

This work is being coordinated by a company established for this purpose called Acorn Parish Holdings.

Over this development period church members will have opportunity to input into design and development decisions relating to the church and community facilities.

A wider community group is also coordinating discussions about the future development of the Clevedon area and welcomes your ideas and participation. 

Join Our Services

Sunday 9.30 am Traditional

Church Service with Traditional Music

No Sunday School

Sunday 11 am Family Service

Church Service with contemporary Music style

Kid’s Club (Sunday School)

O.K. Club (Years 7 & 8)

9:30 and 11 am services - morning tea is served between the services and following the 11 am service.

Sunday 9:30 am Kawakawa Bay

This service is held at Kawakawa Bay Hall

Wednesday 8:45 am Communion

15 minute prayer and communion service ~ meet around the Communion Table during Term Times.

Our Ministries

For Adults & Families

  • Family Ministries
  • Church Groups
  • Op Shop

For Kids

  • Kids Club
  • OK Club
  • Clevedon Youth Group
  • Get Set For School Centre
  • Clevedon Kidz Daycare
  • Early Childhood Centre